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Reborn by Maggie is about recognizing the value in old and forgotten clothing. I started Reborn by Maggie in 2006 while experimenting with fabric from second hand t-shirts using my mother's sewing machine. I started chopping up old t-shirt graphics and piecing them back together over fresh blank t-shirts.

I originally sold the line (no label at the time) at a denim boutique in Pittsburgh called Zipper Blues. The response was enormously positive. Since then I've found success selling in New York City boutiques and artists markets across the country.


Collection: On this site you'll find a pre-made, hand crafted collection of reborn t-shirts. Each shirt is the only of its kind. This collection is the true signature of reborn by Maggie style.

Custom: Not only do I search for salvageable shirts in thrift shops across the country, but I encourage you, the customer to send in and update your own favorite, maybe forgotten, t-shirts using the Custom tab from the menu. Simply send in an old t-shirt, consult with me, the designer, and a new fresh look is born!

reborn by maggie
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